Improvement in migration following EMT is related to the stability with which organelles are positioned inside the cell
Automated image analysis of collective movement of epithelial clusters induced by external electric fields
EMT progressively enhances invasive sliding behavior on fiber-like tracks
Migrating cancer cells slide around each other along confined fiber-like tracks
Comparison of isolated and collective cell migration in electric fields
Review of emerging design principles and the modern toolbox for manipulating cell-cell communication
Elucidating molecular communication networks that polarize cells during tissue formation in the nematode C. elegans
Constructing hybrid micropattern shapes that enhance cell motility
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Epithelial cells are more sensitive to EGF on stiffer matrices, making cells less contact-inhibited in proliferation and leading to spatially-unrestricted proliferation
Quantifying and modeling 3D traction forces in epithelial clusters
Tuning material adhesivity to promote faster multicellular aggregation
Getting cells to migrate CW or CCW by modulating micropatterns and intracellular Rac signaling
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Predicting the evolution of multicellular developmental phenotypes in the nematode
Contact-inhibition of proliferation is a tunable property, and the levels of contact and growth factor determine the state of the cell system
Signaling in developmental patterning
Computational prediction of Notch and MAP kinase signaling during nematode development
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